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South Beach Artist Chic Style

Miami is the home of the Miami Art Basel each year and South Beach Miami is a real artist’s haven. The streets of South Beach show off some real imagination in dressing that also has a touch of class.


In evidence on the street are flat canvas shoes with a longer “ballet toe.”  These shoes are usually pale pink but structured a bit for walking. They are worn with seventies style ankle bracelets that look like miniature silver belts.


Polka dot shorts are in fashion for Spring in this Florida haven. Think of seventies kitsch styles in pink or baby blue with large white polka dots.  Wear this with a maroon or burgundy braided belt.


Another big trend is the long sleeved boat necked crocheted top that bares one shoulder. The coolest types look like a scarf that exposed the navel.


Black is a big color here in South Beach, Florida just as it is in all art communities. The basic artist uniform is a short-sleeved cotton mini-dress that is paired over cotton footless tights and worn with a pair of woven leather and canvas wedge heeled sandals. The coolest girls wear sandals in a light or flesh colored sandal.  The entire look is pared with an extra long skinny scarf in a light woven silk.  The scarf is usually worn a bit like a cowl over the neck.


Baggy shorts with a wild print are also back in style. Prints are very eighties or Tikki in flair and are paired with low cut black tops and leather gladiator sandals.  Large oversized bags in pure white with a large hat with a wide brim and oversized mother of pearl and shell jewelry complete this retro beach baby look.


Some Miami women are wearing very slouchy camel jackets with narrow collars with denim cut offs, slouch T-shirts and leather Beatle Boots. This is usually paired with very large sunglasses and and oversized beaded and leather-sewn bag.  These punkier looks often also include the wearing of an oversized metallic men’s watch.


Skirts and tops in light wool blends are also very popular. The tops are usually striped with a high upper armhole and a round neck. The skirts are usually edged with wide ribbing at the hem and waist.  These are paired with bowling bags and flat canvas ballerina slippers.  This outfit is versatile and perfect for work especially on slightly colder days with a lot of clammy humidity.