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More About the Beautiful Striped Looks

Just about every designer showing made a beautiful striped garment of one kind or another for this Spring.


Designer Jonathan Saunders mad a beautiful knee length cocktail dress out of a shiny mylar fabric that was ribboned with green teal stripes.  This is a simple dress that is so shiny that you do not need to wear accessories with it except for very plain white shoes.  He also showed a green and black suit with lateral and diagonal stripes in a glistening sexy vinyl worn with nothing but a black sheer bra.


Dolce & Gabbana was part of the Stripes game creating very boxy cut clothing with three quarter length sleeves and short shorts.  This jail like ensemble is worn with very colorful accessories in red, baby blue and canary yellow opt jazz it up.  He also created as similar dress in cinnamon and red stripes and paired it with a big beaded red and white checked bag.


Some of the looks shown by this designer actually looked like old style jail outfits. One skirt and top combination by Dolce & Gabbana was made of lateral black and white stripes. The designer Moschino had a similar look. Patch pockets on a shirtdress with big patch pockets were worn with a bowling bag, white driving gloves and a round hat that looked like a motorcycle helmet from the sixties.  Moschino also showed a two-piece outfit that consisted of a double-breasted top paired with a mini-skirt: the whole thing was done in orange and red stripes and accented with big white buttons.


A more feminine take on the striped trend was the frilly Laura Ashley style summer gowns created by Luisa Beccaria. These boasted an off shoulder ruffle and segmented ruffles with lace fringe.  A polka dot ribbon was tied at the waist and complimented by a similar turban.  A more daring look by the same designer was simply a pair of hot pants with a lace ruffle.


Ralph Lauren got  into the stripes game with a knit top that criss crossed off shoulder and was very tight at the waist. The stripes in the top were bright green, blue, black and orange.  This was worn with a beret and black flared yoga pants.  A signature look in his collection is a cheer striped chiffon fabric cut on the bias in the same blue, orange and green colors.  This was paired with a Spanish bowler and black jacket.


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