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Leather Mixed Street Styles From Stockholm

Do you want to look cool, sleek and sophisticated like the people from Stockholm?  Here are a few tips to help you achieve the latest looks from this coolest of cool cities.


The chic women in Stockholm are not wearing hats this spring. They are instead taking wide bands of ribbon and winding them around their heads like a cap. Flesh tone and pink colors are the coolest ones to wear especially if paired with black leather or vinyl or even black nylon.  The more buckles and snaps and chains your jacket has the better as well.


Stockholm ladies wear bare legs as part of their street style and instead of tights will opt to wear thigh high platform boots that are part Lycra and part fake suede.


The youth in Stockholm are wearing this one look that pairs black velvet pants with a flesh colored top.  Flesh colored turtlenecks with large elastic bras that look like massive band-aids are also in style.


The style in purses for Spring is quilted with a chain. Overlarge fake Chanels in bright shiny fabrics and primary colors are everywhere. The crowning touch is a beautifully patterned shiny blue scarf.


Gold and black is another thriving color combination. The Stockholm women love to pair vinyl with leather and nylon and the popular combos are a light greyish black with a very pale gold.   The hottest leather skirt is a A line that drops below the knee and the hottest boots are a high mid-calf without a zipper, heeled and have metallic pale gold toe covers.


Very long skirts are also popular including tight pleats in leather with a high narrow waist. This is not a look that has been seen since the 1980s yet in these cold northern climates it seems to be back with a vengeance.  The other touch that is very eighties is short black ankle scots paired with high pumps. The look can be described as a tighter, darker and more evil “Annie Hall.”


The miniskirt is also in evidence with a leg that is a nude or flesh colored nylon.  Boots are not tight at the top and have a bit of flop but they always are made of leather and they always have a heel.  The combination of a white vest with a black mini skirt and white and black leather accessories is also common;  it is the Spring version of the Tuxedo look.