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Mod Fashion Looks for Spring and Summer

Mod fashion is still here with a vengeance and we are going to see a lot of those retro looks from the sixties in the stores for both Spring and Summer 2013.  Many designers have jumped on the mod bandwagon for the next couple of seasons including Michael Kors, Fay, Moschino and Louis Vuitton. The look is very fashionable and colorful and reminiscent of the look and flair exhibited by famous sixties youth Quakers such as Twiggy, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin.


The short mod styled shift is popular and this means dresses with thigh high hems and simple A line silhouettes. Most are adorned with blocks of colors in sweet pastels and eye-popping prints.  Another characteristic of a mod-look dress is contrasting piping.  Fay showed a pink tween and green vinyl Mod dressed that was paired with patent leather pink venetian “slipper boots. Kate Spade featured the blocked out Mondrian with lines worn with pointed black flats and accessorized by bright magenta pink purse made out of basket weave.


Mod fashion also constitutes op art prints such as large black and white checks and stripes.  Louise Vuitton showed a boxy mid-calf dress made entirely of a large black and white checkerboard print worn with checkerboard pumps.


Mod was also all about the baby doll look complete with puffy sleeves, short skirt and lacey eyelet cut-outs.  Moschino has come out with a line of innocent looking little girl dresses with cut outs in the fabric.


Moschino also showed some very black and white suits with striped trim, a boxy almost Chanel fit and a short hem.  The suit like looks were paired with white hats there were reminiscent of police hats from the era.  These are paired with large round white plastic sunglasses with black glass and shiny gold earrings.


To get the updated mod look for 2013 it is important to have the right accessories such as satchel handbags, mall box bags and whimsical little bags. Kitten heels, pointed pumps, Beatle boots and paten leather Mary Janes.  Round and cat eye sunglasses, such as the ones showed by Moschino also complete and authenticate  the look.


These looks are complimented by other modern optical checks, tweeds and optical prints as well as square tipped shoes with large buttons and buckles. The idea is to look like you are honoring the retro era without looking like you are wearing a costume.


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Stripes Are Big for Spring and Summer

If you really want to be in with the in crowd this summer be sure to wear anything striped.  The most fashionable striped things have the wide bars, like those old seer-sucker suits. The fabric should be in the hues that you are most likely see from people selling ice cream in old fashioned desert parlors.


Famed British designer Vivienne Westwood is leading the way with her Red Label collection that boasts the cutest outfit ever in wide coral pin strips and chic sleeves.  Tiny buttons and a cheeky forties collar complete the look. This is paired with a baby pink skirt that clashes slightly with the top, a pink and black purse and tan shoes.


Paul & Joe showed a similar striped shirt as Westwood in the same color only paired with a white skirt and a tailored silver suit jacket. Paul & Joe also showed the same style of shirt in a grey and paired with a pin polka dot jacket in silver and pink and slouchy white pants.  Another signature look of Paul and Joe were capri pants in baby blue embroidered with orange flower buds.


One beautiful dress by Paul & Joe is a floor to toe halter in carefully cut biased striped that would seem to be very Jackie Onassis if it were not laced in the front by Goth like threads.


A surprising trend that goes with this are hair accessories that look like big scrunchies. These are big striped pieces of fabric strung on elastic that are perched on top of the head.


Vivienne Westwood also showcased stripes on the diagonal in a sleeveless prom style. A beautiful grey, green and white fabric is cut on the bias and worn with thin fabric colored belt that matches. This is worn with long sleeveless gloves.


Yet another Westwood look is a candy striped shirt dress worn with white beatle boots and huge pendant earrings!


Designer Timo Wieland is also putting out stripes this Spring in the form of a very tight, body-hugging skirt in gray and white. This is worn with a cropped tank top.


Sportmax also showed stripes on the runway in the form of a head to toe pantsuit in thin grey and white stripes in a sheer light fabric.  The hem of the pantsuit grazes the floor and the very long sleeves are cut on the bias for an optical effect.


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