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Digital Print Swimwear

One of the biggest trends in swimwear this season is not about the design and instead is all about the fabric. Digital fabrics are in vogue everywhere in summer 2013. You will find every single kind of print imaginable on a swimsuit this season.


One trend is for large portraits of animal faces. You will see a lion’s fate on the bottom part of a suit or on a bikini bottom.  Pandas, wolves, eagles, dolphins, otters and all kinds of other photographic digital prints are seen on Bikini wear.



Yet another trend is for prints of skies. Dreamy blue skies with clouds floating across them is a trend as are prints that depict an atmospheric disturbance such as tornadoes, thunderstorms or swirling clouds. Cosmological themes that feature the depictions of the stars or planets are also popular.


Wildfox is a company that has become very popular for producing this type of swimwear.  A signature piece is a photo of a big brown horse that is emblazoned across the front of atone piece suit. They also make a bright white sporty style suit with a large white kitten with blue eyes on the front.


Prints can also be very surreal in look.  Flowers done in symmetrical is a popular theme.  A very new age pattern features ultra large gemstones and crystals in pinks, greens and yellows festooning the front of a suit.   Images of fish, either in an aquarium like goldfish, in a pond like Koi or from the ocean like sharks are also special prints.


The hippest prints hiver a sepia, purple and pink tone as if the images were made on a slightly off color copier. A one-piece suit featuring the towering palm trees of Hollywood Boulevard is a customer favorite of the company called We Are Handsome. This company also does prints of city landscapes and distributes them over the bodice of the suit like a collection of mini-snapshots. This type of fashion approach to print works very well as a collage of several photographs.


Prints look great on the front of a one-piece suit because in that case they look more like a canvas.  On two pieces suits the bottom rear is the part of the bikini that may have the most impact in terms of showcasing a startling image such as a snarling wolf or a Panda’s façade.


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Bikini Fringed

Bikini Fringed

This Fringed Monokini by Bikini Lab has two-tone fringe that enhances the curve-appeal of a strapless monokini shaped with a hint of ruching on the bust.

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