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Top Couture Trends From Paris Runways

The couture fashion shows in Paris revealed some very interesting trends for fashion this Spring.   Valentino in particular, had some very interesting offerings.


One of the most evident was the imitation of wrought-iron grills that was done with the threading and embroidery in some of the fabrics.  This was a Valentino look done on floor-length couture gowns but we will likely see it translated to sheer dressed with embroidery on the front.  Also in evidence from Valentino was the high-shirred waist that comes up to just below the bosom.  High round necks and long sleeves were aloes very popular.  Some of the lace in his dresses was floral and reminiscent of drapery patterns.  The effect is very sixties; these dresses looked like something Anita Bryant might wear to the White House in 1978.


Valentino also showed a dress that was tight at the waist, had a high color and sprawling full A-line skirt. This was worn with high heel shoes in thin black theater that boasted a lot of toe cleavage.  Many of the dresses he showed in this style boasted large seventies styles graphics of flowers in the pink and brown color schemes.


Valentino also showed a lot of peplum looks on the run way including sheer peplum that was underlaid with layers of chiffon and a great deal of embroidery.  These looks were very formal and suitable for a wedding.  These sheer layered long skirts and high-necked frocks also came in ruched and tufted black versions. One super-sexy version was made in a hot tomato red sheer fabric that showed a sexy negligee and garters beneath a birdcage skirt made of peek-a-boo red netting.


Valentino also showed a few unstructured looks including a voluminous tie-dyed dress with enormous balloon like sleeves and a full flowing skirt.  This is a fairy tale look that is burnished with yellows and purple on a cream background giving the effect of a slightly mottled or vintage look.


Very little jewelry was shown with these looks possibly because all of the lace was so elaborate it.  Wearing these dresses is like wearing gigantic jewels.


Not all of the looks that Valentino showcased in Paris for Spring 2013 were frilly or decadent. One signature white dress was very plain and faired. It looked like the kind of seamless coatdress that glamor girls would wear on Star Trek. It also looked like something that Marlo Thomas would wear in “That Girl!”


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