The 1950s Retro Statement Earrings Trend

One surprising trend that will be around for this summer is the large chunky jeweled earrings that were popular as clip-ons in the 1950s.  However the 2013 versions are more likely to be available for pierced ears.  Costume jewelry is enjoying a real renaissance with even the lightest of summer dresses being augmented by large rhinestone necklaces and aurora borealis crystals.


To be a fashion piece it is crucial that the jewels be big and bright.  It is also very fashionable to wear costume jeweler that clashes slightly with your clothing. For instance if you are wearing a forest green top it is nice to contrast it with large chunky aqua earrings.


In Paris the look is to wear a boy’s baseball cap with very huge dangling earrings that look like a daisy.  Caps with vinyl brims are paired with a cameo, surrounded by fake pearls dangling from a large crystal in the ear.  The effect of this is very fifties but also very eighties at the same time.


It is also very hip to take elegant clusters of rhinestone jewelry and wear them denim, khaki or more casual outfits.  Think about clusters of rhinestones that are unusual color, such as pale yellow or pale pink to really make the look seem unusual.


If you do not want to look too sparkly then you can try wearing the new fabric style earrings.  You can find these on etsy and other places. These are discs covered in fabric such as houndstooth, chevrons or in op art patterns that you can wear as earrings. In the old days they also would have been clip-on earrings but nowadays are likely worn as piercings.  It is also very fashionable to make earrings to match what you are wearing. All this requires is some glue, bases and earring clips or posts and a bit of the fabric from what you are wearing.  For instance if you are wearing a houndstooth suit you can also sport button earring with a houndstooth pattern on your ears.


Whether you like the crystals or the fabric button styles of earrings you can find wonderful items on the auction sites or at vintage stores.  You can also find the big plastic discs made out of pearlized plastics that people also use to wear in the sixties and the early seventies.


In the 1950s these beautiful crystal pieces of jewelry and big button earrings were usually only worn in the evening.  Now these statement pieces can be worn any time of year.


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